General Information


Why collaborate with a MCA (Inc) member?

All of our members are authorised marriage celebrants, registered by the Federal Government, and we encourage professional, reliable, dedicated and honest service, which complies with the regulations, including a Code of Practice.


Association History and Goals

Authorised Marriage Celebrants hold an appointment, made by the Department of the national Attorney-General. This appointment is made after careful consideration of the criteria of “a fit and proper person” and suitable study being completed by the applicant. The appointment enables the celebrant to solemnise marriages at any place within Australia and its Territories.

Formed in 1980, a group of Western Australian celebrants decided that our goals, working conditions and ethics were unique, and that a truly professional Association should be formed. Although the name of the Association has changed several times, the fact that it was established in WA remains valid.

Since 1980, an Executive Committee has met regularly and a large organisation has developed, which now includes members in other States. Our members, who are all registered (authorised) celebrants, are enthusiastic towards good practice conditions and high standards, enjoying the opportunity to share knowledge and meet each other, and the general public, on a competent basis.

A wedding ceremony, historically, is one of the most memorable occasions in a person’s life. The aim of each of our members is to ensure a couple’s complete satisfaction with each aspect of a meaningful, beautiful ceremony tailored to meet a couple’s needs and desires.
To this end, the Australian Government has made regulation 37L, a Code of Practice to qualify the duties and obligations of an authorised celebrant.
Apart from government officials who are authorised to perform marriages, and religious celebrants from mainstream recognised religious organisations, (who are State registered) there two kinds of nationally registered celebrants, authorised under the marriage Act of 1961.
(1) Those authorised to perform civil ceremonies
(2) Those authorised to perform only religious ceremonies (independent religious celebrants)

Please note: a general/funeral/community/family celebrant is not able to marry you, although they can perform non-legal ceremonies.

We have provided several ways to select your desired celebrant.

  • There is an alphabetical listing, if you have a name in mind, search for it.
  • There is a suburb or country town listing, to find a member living closer to you
  • There is listing for interstate members, and one for Independent Religious Celebrants who are members.

Marriage Celebrants Australia (Inc) is a founding member of the Coalition of Celebrant Associations (CoCA), which is the peak body for marriage celebrants. CoCA meets in Canberra twice a year, with the Attorney – General’s Department to discuss issues involving legalities, on-going professional development and the future of the marriage celebrant program.